We Escalate- A Poem

We escalate

Holding your picture in my hands

Dark mahogany frame etched around your perfection

Thinking, out of all of them

What makes this one the man….My chosen destination

Quiet contemplation required, no interruption


Smile playing at my lips

Musing about how you are that voice

While the world is a cacophony , a battering ram

And you, strutting bravado blazing like the midday sun


You never bring more than a word and a kiss

Those kisses….

Fine tuned to the edges of heart break

Soft elegance drifting from sigh to sigh

Those words….

Powerful giving that spiritual stimulation

That push to see through, to let go, to restore


Our hands meet at fingertips, clasp together at palm

Causing an inner alienation to dissipate, fade

No fumbling around

There are no awkward moments, no discomfort with you



That level of depth seldom found even in the greatest of kings

Drawn to you …I am


Wearing a garment woven from my failures, naivete

You never take advantage

Expect nothing in return for your favor

Did you know I find you captivating?

Startling brown eyes provoking, electrifying

The feeling is terrifying

In the middle of the Coliseum we stand, world watching

Breathing heavily for our destruction, laughing

Oh but we are giving  birth to our potential

Becoming something…


An enigma foretelling the legacy we were creating

This legend of our joining

Now we take to the sky

Feverishly protesting the pull of gravity, reality from our high

Only when we meet heaven do we come back down

The secret is ours

The journey just begun

The foundation laid

We escalate

Conquering life


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