Untitled- A Poem

I jus wanna…lay w/ my head in your lap and …..soak in your smell.

Let your dark fragrance move me into a place of reverence for your being

Put my head to your chest and ..feel the vibrations from ur voice course through me

Match my heartbeat to your own and pretend for a moment we are one

Wanna let time fade away and worry into gray as we simply stay in quiet contemplation

What mystery the future holds, so we hold to the present

Gifting each other with light kisses, caresses, until the room is spinning for the both of us

Neither waking because this aint a dream, day or night but now and….so right

I’ma let go all those previous thoughts, wondering if reality was apart of us

Those wonderings about our legitimacy outside of our intimacy

The bridge from possibility to …..yes God finally

We can stay in this world that revolves around us…

This reoccurring…. easy silence, replacing those




With simple balance…and energy so profound

How could be possibly come back down to the ground

Each other’s natural high, without much movement ever changing

We are the betterment of one another

Forsaking all others

Leave them behind while we light this candle to spark eternity

Writing you and I into destiny

That secret love that everybody talks about

Never mentioned from our lips…parting to partake in heavenly bliss

Taking advantage of our five senses in one kiss

When words can be found, they flow endlessly, philosophizing, hypothesizing

Baby I love when we’re socializing

We’ve become something different from what we were apart

I think its obvious I have yours and you have mine



*disclaimer* this poem isnt about you lol jus gimmie feedback




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