Union- A Poem


We are all for those…passionate moments

Those lit fire, full desire and flame …moments

Feverish dance on embers of sweet sigh

Intimacy legitimized by our bodies slow burn

We flirt on that edge between pain and pleasure

Pebbled skin singing in the heat

We make love

This is the climax of our time together

After those long kisses and longer conversations

After those revolutions and epiphanies

Birthed in us chemistry

And we grew into each other becoming one

This act….bodies melting into each other ..joining

This is simply confirmation of the labor in learning your smile

How to service your sorrow, lace it with joy

Now we are reveling in the sound

Your soul sings as its joining mine

We are on that virgin journey  into …being alive

Armed with the courage to marry our futures

And divorce our failures


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