Thinking Out Loud

Thinking Out Loud

Not allowed to say anything…
My appearance takes away my right to express my…
Because I am fat I’m not allowed to say I hate being used
I should take every compliment to heart
I should trust every word that comes from the mouth of a “superior”
I should hang my head when you pass by
Kiss your feet for calling me pretty
Perhaps accept every invitation to hookup because …
after all
Its my duty
My debt
I should apologize for being raped
Say I’m sorry for being angry
Let you take everything you need from me as my way of penance for overeating
Supply you with my Big Ass,Big Titties,Thick Thighs
Under cover of darkness
Hide in the closet when company comes over
Lay beside you in the cold
Leave to make way for another lover
Come back when she tires of you
Sew my mouth shut
½ inch stitches if you want to keep me quiet
But isn’t that the problem? …
so many women silent
Willing to lay down and take whatever the world throws at them…
Thank You Kudos to those women says the world
Shame on me
But I cant do it, I would rather the world hate me, than I hate myself
No more apologies just CHANGE
Equality among women big or small
Dark Skinned, Light Skinned, Yellow Skinned, White
Flat ass, round ass, inverted ass
D cup B cups and A cups
A woman’s physical traits should NEVER determine her value …
I need a blow horn so you can hear me even louder
A billboard for my scornful face
I want to tell you I’m not sorry
Tell you I don’t hate men
Help you to understand that I am now saying what I never said
Not to curse you
Not to blame
To show what you lose if you don’t change
Women who stand up for themselves will stand up for you
Women who value themselves will value you
If you treat a woman like a queen she’ll tell the world you’re a king
Where the hell has all the royalty gone?
Men who respect women deserve respect, don’t deprive them of it
Men that desire growth should never be compared to that last one
Never kick him when he’s down
I’m going to keep writing until we get a discourse going about this
Get used to my face and the sound of my voice



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