Taming The Mild Casanova- A Poem

I call you baby behind your back

Bae, might be because this secret affection offends you

Free, and untethered , completely untouchable

Focused on maintaining what’s yours

I see how you float on by, every once in a while…by me

And I climb onto that smooth cloud …To take you

And we move heaven then earth with the thundering, the clash

Then after the storm I melt back down watching you in my decent

While you continue on away from me….peaking

It doesn’t break my heart, jus grappling for you

You warned me to fight the expectations, when your name came up

I took it as a challenge, a sacred vow

Taming the mild Casanova

Not so much a conquest, as a prayer, some small cry to the divine

Not to be kept…..to be remembered, to have had some impact…

To touch you


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