Let Him Fly- A Poem

Let Him Fly

I’m tired of sayin it but i mean it this time
im gonna let him fly, then ima be jus fine
I like the premises for this argument I present but is it valid?
Lettin you take wing to the sky, while im grounded waving goodbye
Does it follow necessarily that I would smile with sincerity
When all I’m thinking is “I hope he gets a broken wing”
For having the audacity to leave and make a fool of me
My love is unconditional, and always proven provisional..
when you fell short, my arms to give u the support you needed to jump off that cliff
After that other chick had your wings clipped
But maybe you like it when it “hurts so good”
getting torn down a lil letting some woman stomp on your manhood
But I was never that.
I used what little I had to build your self esteem
Letting you learn …letting you gleen from me.
Now you ready to come down from me
Your temporary high
You took jus enough to insure I couldn’t move on
I poem my emotions to you
You stretch back while you yawn, annoyed that im expressing my mind
Aware that I am only wasting your time
My feelings are a joke to you
Now I’m scared that I’m provoking you to forget me entirely
Which would fuel my insanity
So I have but one choice and that’s to let you fly
My hand is hesitating on the paper my mouth is dry
I brought this on myself, I refuse to cry
I said I would do it
I let him fly


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