Idle Hands In Darfur

I cant help but think if they looked more like me

light skinned closer to pale

then the worlds lashes curl upward

open…open slowly

no African shroud, brilliant colors of a culture

Rather long straightened hair

dangling earrings and shiny new shoes

it takes a straighter nose with an anglo tone

A land with resource, with money, with wealth

Red White and Blue with her promises

Never again

We just love pretty things

Give me oil, give me diamonds, give me a land rich with gold

leave those lands rich with people, with history, where life began

Pretty Julia Roberts is rescued from prostitution

Pretty Abina at 13 is sold into it

Ebony skin, smooth..much darker than Hollywood

On the back of a horse she is carried while behind

Laying in the hot sun, brothers

What happens if that was the family from leave it to beaver

Jaws drop, eyes reddened with tears, fist clench

Troops deployed

Holy hell breaks loose in Darfur

But its only them, those nappy headed

Those dark skinned

Gathered together under the hot sun

Shriveled sickly sweet …the color crimson has a smell


These what stain the earth, imprint forever

Voices calling from those crying for peace

Those that seldom see it

What makes the African holocaust any different than the slaughter of the jews?


Those same jews who know cry out for Africa unheard


The janja weed satan on horse back

They kill only Africans

I would call them Africans, they would say we are Arabs

History repeats itself

Ahhh but no worries

America is safe from Sudan

No pounding at our door

Nothing promising to halt the flow of milk and honey in OUR promised land

This thing…. unsightly,

Africa looks to the west

Always to the west, that never came

Though we always show up where we arent wanted

And never where we are needed

What to say about that?

America the beautiful

What is beautiful about lady liberties hands cold and idle?


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