Gone- A Poem

GoneIm tryna…reach for the lost moment in time
When 2 became 1, when you became mine
But its gone,
We are so cavalier, u are fading and I remain sincere
I continue my support w/ hands and words and fumblings to save u
Trembling with anticipation at that elusive victory
To remind you im here
I could say so many pretty little things, but what does it mean
If I love you is feigned from your lips, and the time that we spent
Has slipped into history, a page in a diary
Burn it up
Lets start again
Not refresh but rebirth
Don’t tell me I’m not worth
The start again required to move us from smoldering to fire
From ashes to blaze when hesitancy was a myth…so sure
See our fingers were driven by the tendency , the craze
Lost , somehow
And your ready to move on
To a prettier princess, locked away in her tower oblivious to:
Should Have’s
Could have’s
And Would have’s
In her naiveté you find purity
Satisfying your penchant for new conquests
I , unsettled in your flippant past
As I write this poem in firm denial that your not slipping away but gone


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