Coming Into Me- A Poem

I gave it freely, that thing that brought a smile to your face

All of me and my big leggs, funny girl charm

I cant blame you for takin the stuff

Subtly fillin your emptiness with my fullness

And im draining away

But every girl has a story and a turning point

Letting go of something worthless …

Is hardest for the one who needs it most

He loved my hair, fingers runnin through

And my breasts more than a handful

It was always troublesome when I was comin up

My physique kept me isolated

Even then my smile was barely enough to maintain friends

Ahh but as a woman I am the object of desire

Full of sexual power

And I play the role so well as I purrr like kitten

Corners of my mouth turning up , inviting

But I don’t want company anymore

Somedays the quiet of a sterile room lures me

Black walls without a splash of color not a soul in sight

Just me and a mirror ….me looking into myself

Offering up a sacrifical grin

Reasurring words……

I ought to dance at least as long as I’ve cried

So….I think no more tears?

Let this extra skin fall away from me

New birth into someone else

As I dance

The past really is the past

As I move

Be it days or weeks ago, it is still behind me

And I’ll file it away until I need it to remind me

Until I need it to protect me from that otherself

And as for you ….watch me slip away into time

Into distance

Into wisdom

Coming Into Me


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