Blow Me- A Poem By

We get called alotta names bitches, sluts, hoes, bops
But we never get any fuckin respect
What happened to being a lady?
Naw we are now “females”
If a dude comes over with sex in mind
He’s gonna leave one of 2 ways
A soft dick and satisfied
A hard dick and salty
But no worse off
Society will look at him no different
But a woman
Oh see a woman
Let her be laid out on her bed
Her hand on the warm spot he left behind
He goes back to tell the world what she felt like
What she said
How she screamed
Snickering with her on his fingers
Calling her how he treated her
Warmer version of a blowup doll
Everyone agrees…..
And No One Gives A Shit Whats Behind Her Smile
Or….let this same nicca
Salty sittin next to her on the couch
Dick on brick
Apparently she’s not pickin up what your puttin down
He leaves and now..
Now she is
A cold fish
A bitch
Not worth a second phone call
A genuine goodbye
Damned if we do damned if we don’t
This happened the first day I met you, you tried to take it
Naw been there done that shit
There will be no passive rape over this way
We never get what we want in life
I cant find a good man
And you cant find easy ass
At least…not in me
My problems don’t permit me to treat you like ]garbage
Yet its acceptable for you to do it to me
You make me think I am not worth anything outside my physical body …
This is cause for my soul to cry out
And like always when a woman cries…
the sound lands quietly into the ears of God
…..into poem
and no where else

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