25 Ways To Tell If he Just Wants Sex ….

  1. He doesn’t call or text you until after 10 every night
  2. When he does call or text you its to ask for pictures or to come over or to try to sext with you
  3. When he asks you small talk questions like “how was your day” “what are you doing” over and over again after you have already answered the question then he is trying too hard! Be wary of the man that tries too hard!
  4. When you deny him anything he gets short with you or doesn’t talk to you for a few days or even weeks
  5. He is always calling you sexy, or reminding you of some sort of physical attribute that he admires
  6. When your around him he isn’t really listening to what your telling him and he never seems to tell you anything about himself. Basically all your conversations are small talk
  7. He never “schedules” times to see you, they are always spontaneous
  8. He never asks you on a date, he always wants to meet you at your place or his
  9. When you tell him a problem your having some how the solution to him is always how he can make you “feel good”
  10. He doesn’t remember the things you tell him, or he remembers them very well as though he has had been practicing.
  11. He doesn’t want to know what kind of music you like (guys that are genuinely interested in you or trying to get to know you always want to know if you are compatible in the music department and if you aren’t they try to get you to listen to their music). * it may seem like a small point but this in addition to the others is important!*
  12. If you meet him online and the first time you see him in person he is very “familiar” with you. You know what I mean, very handsy and touchy. Basically he touches you more than he talks to you.
  13. He comes over to your house and decides that even though you told him no sex he is going to try to convince you any way that he can. He says your “trippin” or you need to relax. You push his hand away he will put it back over and over then. Or he blatantly puts your hand on his dick. GET THAT NIGGA OUT YOUR HOUSE.
  14. He will offer full body massages if your sore
  15. He will offer to come “cuddle” if you tell him your lonely
  16. He will exploit weaknesses to his advantage!
  17. A lot of the time if you tell him you want a relationship he will say he  “respects” that and then he will ask if you can be friends. Then whenever you are alone with him , he is continually crossing the friend line and your preset boundaries
  18. He is always saying that he misses you, but he doesn’t really have a reason to miss you. Guys say a lot of things that ring our feminine bell like “I miss you” “ I care for you” etc.
  19. When he is around you and you tell him about something your mad about or sad about his reaction is inappropriate for instance: you tell him you lost your job and he starts kissing you about the neck area…..
  20. A guy who just wants sex will usually not refer to you as bae, babe, honey, sweetie, all these names are normally reserved for women who mean something to them
  21. Generally avoids public places with you, and when he sees you in public he is always very friendly but inattentive as though he doesn’t want to talk, and he will never go out of his way to acknowledge you.If you are walking through the student Union and see him loitering where the rest of the black people on campus loiter and he makes eye contact then turns back to the group its because he doesn’t want you to come on over and say hi!
  22. If he doesn’t want to bring you around his female or his male friends, say he has a social engagement like a party, you are not invited
  23. If you ask him if he could see himself with you he will say something like this: i don’t want to wait for you, you are really awesome but im not ready for a relationship, I don’t want to ruin our friendship (even though he has already crossed the line with his hands and sometimes you have already had sex with him!), I don’t have time for a girlfriend, I think we make better friends, or he just changes the subject or refuses to talk about it
  24. Beware of the men who are in relationships, but come to you because they are unhappy and want to talk! They usually aren’t that unhappy! They are trying to score extra sex! You should never ever ever ever engage in sexual action with someone who has a girlfriend because you fall into that mold and its damn hard to get out.l Set a list of standards you wont back down on, sexing someone who has a gf should be at the top of the list. Remember every woman is your sister whether she is dumb as a box of rocks or mean as a snake

Remember that some of these alone may not mean he is just after sex but if the majority of them hold true you may want to re-evaluate who you are giving you time to

Oh and if your ok with being used for sex or using someone for sex (after all its 2011) then disregard 😛


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