Where Is The Revolution.

There are…….
12 year olds in poor neighborhoods having babies
15 year olds murdering each other for the sake of symbolism
We fold our hands and pretend
There is no need for revolution
Shake our heads in shame at our own people
And agree that they are
And denying the benefits afforded to them
Denying their duty by not pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps
When the very schools we encourage our children to embrace
Become battlefields
That school that is unrepresentative of any history
Other than the white andocentric one that glances at slavery
This history that displaces every minority in the melting pot
Encourages them to conform….
ahhh while the teachers are wolves in sheep’s clothing
Waiting for a quiet opening to satisfy their not so Christian desires
We silence  every voice of resistance
In favor of keeping things the way they are
We blame the oppressed
Rather than the oppressor
And encourage victims to blame themselves
We encourage them not to be a slut, not to invite attention
To resist the tugging urge to be one of those women who are sexually assaulted every 6 minutes in this country
Do not dress provocatively, as if rape were a crime of desire
Rather than one of control, and domination
As though some form of flattery can be gleaned by being found
“Sexy enough to be raped”
We are to stay the hand of justice from falling too heavily on
“Real Americans”
Those good old boys who would rather defend an ideal
Than admit the humanity of a woman
All the while we are socialized to be suspicious
And vicious w/ our neighbor
Find someone to feel superior too
Trample down resistance whether it benefits us or not
Keep our heads down and agree
Make no waves for the sake of a brother or sister
Stand up for no one and nothing
That doesn’t guaranteed financial gain
Never waste our TIME on the fight for equality
For the poor
For our women
For our Immigrants
For our children
For our men
They can take care of themselves
They must or they will be forgotten and trod underfoot by the American dream
Excuse you for being disillusioned
The promise was never yours to grasp
It was instead for those who are born into privilege
White privilege
Male privilege
Those that mock you for your poverty
And grimace in embarrassment at your plight
Clutch their purses tightly and firmly close their eyes
And you ..
You look quickly away in shame
Secretly agreeing w/ them
Where are the revolutionaries?!
Those that are tired of their people being blamed for oppression
Those that stand up to the government
To the media
To capitalism
Demanding healthcare
Equal pay for women, blacks, and Hispanics
Those that expose the objectification of the female body
And scream that women are more than their ability to please a man
How easily they have tricked us into fighting each other and praising them!
Look at our cities, they stink with complacency, ignorance and self hatred
There can be no peace for any American when thousands go hungry
When thousands are being sold into sexual slavery
When thousands are addicted to drugs and alcohol
When thousands have no access to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness
When neighborhoods are filled to capacity with churches
These churches that promise heaven, a better life, so that you don’t seize it now!
Making it acceptable to be poor, at risk, undereducated
Death to the institution of religion if it keeps us bound
Life to revolutionaries that aren’t so quick to blame the individual
Death to conformity
And death to silence


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