I shouldnt have to

….i have this “habit” of letting people out of my life for good. Sometimes I think its a bad thing…to be so vicious in the letting go but I cannot keep people around who want to use me. I cannot keep around a man who doesn’t want to commit to me but all the while wants to fuck me, while not even caring if I cum or not. I cannot be with a man who fucks fat women, dates skinny women and then says “you would be so pretty if you lose a few”. This is the modern world, selfishness gets you nowhere with a fat woman like me because I believe that I have value, if not my body, if not my smile, then my mind makes me worthy of what every pretty skinny girl is offered. What is that? Autonomy,representation in the media that doesnt shame a woman with a body like mine, men who are genuinely attracted to me and not kept from taking it to a serious level because of some stigma around fat girls and their value as human beings. I should not have to settle for a man who beats women, I should not rejoice at being raped just because a man found me attractive enough to force his dick in me whether or not i wanted it, i shouldnt internalize from childhood the idea that fat people are stupid, or lazy, i shouldnt have to suck it up when I’m hurting just because people tend to belittle the emotions and humanity of fat people…..smh


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