father and sonTrayvon Martin’s killer george zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY last night and the black community is lamenting…wailing it’s desolate loss, this is confirmation of our lack of humanity to this society. The black community is asking where justice is in this “post racial” nation. Black parents are wondering what they can possibly do to protect their black babies from attacks like these. The hopelessness in the face of this verdict is thick and pervasive and in the midst of it, there is such an outrageous anger, a feeling of VIOLENT DISGUST and it’s fall out. That fallout in which many white people have cheered and slapped this racist child murders back, invited him to talk on their shows and spewed such hatred about “niggers” and what we deserve, and baited us about how we do not REALLY care about black children that are murdered. They’ve suggested that black people die everyday, at their own hands and we dont care about that either. And in the face of that, a few of us grieving black people have said things like “i hate white people” , an HONEST and deeply hurtful feeling to express, a valid representation of the pain and the fear of being black in a white supremacist society. What happens? Suddenly all the white “allies” come out of the woodwork to tell these black people how “wrong” it is to hate them…….so the death of a black boy is about the white people who empathize?

Tell me….when was the last time black hatred for white people saved a black life? Why is it that black people cannot have ONE HOUR, ONE MISERABLE FUCKING HOUR to grieve the loss of Trayvon and the loss of his justice? Why couldnt this be about US, black people, for one day? Why do we have to watch our mouths so that white people dont get offended? Why do we have to acknowledge that white people are sad too? WHY DO WE HAVE TO PAT WHITE PEOPLE ON THE BACK FOR HAVING A CONSCIENCE when they cannot possibly comprehend what we have LOST throughout history and what this verdict means to our lives and our children’s lives NOW? I got so many “i am a white woman and i cried my eyes out over Zimmerman’s verdict” tweets and responses, that I was ready to flip my shit! WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU? Why is this about you? The fact that you can be sad about this one moment and send your child to the store in a hoody the next, without wondering if they’ll ever make it back, is a PRIVILEGE. One that I and other black people do not have. But you want us to stop our crying, you want us to stop being angry, you want us to sit quietly and listen to you regurgitate Martin Luther King quotes about darkness and light, you want us to APOLOGIZE for saying we hate you…..the nerve….the unmitigated GALL. You call yourself an ally but you are stuck on PRIVILEGE, the privilege you have to wake up with the complexion for the protection and never have to worry a day in your life about losing your child for their skin color. But you want to shut black people up because they hurt your feelings?

You want us to stop crying and pander to you, coddle you for saying you care, or even for genuinely caring. But this is not about you, this is not about you caring or you marching or you picketing, it is about the fact that the grieving response of a black person takes precedent over your FEELINGS about someone saying they hate you. A hate that has no oppressive power but apparently hurts your delicate sensibilities. You should ask yourself why you actively sought to address a black person, the night of this verdict, for saying they hate white people. Why addressing them was more necessary than acknowledging what said black person lost and giving them time to grieve. You should ask yourself why you decided to give that black person a talking to instead of one of the other white people calling Trayvon a nigger and laughing and baiting black people for being upset.

I’m not fucking here for it, there are some great white allies who have STFU and refused to take the “i hate white people” statements personally, because they know that this situation is not about them, they do not need to defend themselves, they do not need a pat on the back for rallying behind the black community. These white people have my ultimate respect and my love, too often do white allies DEMAND attention for being allies, demand whatever cause they take up with black people ultimately shine the light on them, these are the allies that can KEEP their “support”.