1. FatFemPinUp
    do you think ppl should be held accountable IRL for the things they post on social networking sites?
  2. FatFemPinUp
    there seems to be this SHAME in addressing someone IRL over something they put online…as if their online life were out of bounds
  3. FatFemPinUp
    so ..if you’re online flirting or bashing someone and a family member or a your significant other address you for it….they’re in the wrong
  4. FatFemPinUp
    what i dont understand is this: your online persona is a public expression of yourself, y do u think u shudnt be held accountable for YOU?
  5. FatFemPinUp
    there’s alot of cheating that goes on, online, a lot of racism, sexism and hate speech, a lot of planning and plotting against others
  6. FatFemPinUp
    but somehow people….men specifically think that the whole internet is vegas, and what happens on the internet stays there 0.o #notso
  7. FatFemPinUp
    you shouldnt go to the internet to have a private life
  8. FatFemPinUp
    if you’re going to scheme….and you dont want to answer for it IRL, you prolly shudnt tweet about it, i dun care WHO is “stalking” ur page
  9. FatFemPinUp
    your significant other gets online and catches you calling someone else baby and “the one” and all u can say is “stop stalking my page”
  10. FatFemPinUp
    instead of tryna work it out…..you paint them as crazy and meddlesome….tryna hold you down, stalking you, obsessing……oh….oh ok
  11. FatFemPinUp
    but thinking that you can openly tweet about some dirt you are on IRL and still be above reproach is ridiculous
  12. FatFemPinUp
    i got mad at my …whatever the hell he is…for calling this girl his “prototype” …its a nickname he calls me…and it has significance
  13. FatFemPinUp
    to him and to me…it goes to a person being everything that you ever wanted in a mate…a model for what you need/want/deserve for yourself
  14. FatFemPinUp
    called another woman that….and im like …wait…so there’s more than one of us? so aint shit special about that? OH….
  15. FatFemPinUp
    or is it bc i am a woman and you are a man ..and you want the freedom to run game on everyone you come in contact with…..no accountability
  16. FatFemPinUp
    and another thing….ppl get on the internet and expose themselves to be these REAL SHITTY individuals….and DARE ppl IRL to call em on it
  17. FatFemPinUp
    and when you do….U’RE in the wrong? lol just some more of those patriarchal power games, where blatantly wrong men can make you look crazy
  18. FatFemPinUp
    and they gang up on women too! in order to protect their “right” to do internet dirt….one dude says “bitches are crazy for stalking my
  19. FatFemPinUp
    twitter, facebook etc. page” ….and other men hurriedly agree, bc if they unite behind that dude, then they gain more freedom online
  20. FatFemPinUp
    that’s how patriarchy works…get all the men in agreement…and all the women fighting each other, and the men rise to the top controlling
  21. FatFemPinUp
    then there is this message sent that “good women” who keep their men, dont hold them accountable for the things they post online
  22. FatFemPinUp
    good women dont ‘stalk’ their significant other’s pages bc they have class or bc they trust them or bc ignorance is bliss
  23. FatFemPinUp
    but am I stalking you if i take a look at your twitter/facebook page once every few weeks to see if you posted any new pics? am i really?
  24. FatFemPinUp
    am i stalking you if we had an awesome weekend together where i came from out of town to see you, and want to see if you mentioned it?
  25. FatFemPinUp
    am i stalking you if this is the first time i’ve EVER addressed anything you’ve tweeted, bc it hurt me or disconcerted me? no. I am not.
  26. FatFemPinUp
    men are very quick to throw around the controlling image of the fem stalker who, stays on their internet pgs all day, waitin for em to fk up
  27. FatFemPinUp
    you find yourself agreeing with my TL…..even just occasionally….#youmightbeafeminist
  28. FatFemPinUp
    All I’m really saying is …dont think yu can say hurtful things online, pursue other women openly online….and not answer for it IRL
  29. FatFemPinUp
    EVERYONE…..everyone has to answer for their behavior….the internet is NO exception
  30. FatFemPinUp
    now….no one has a right to POLICE your behavior…online or offline…but there’s a difference between policing and holding u accountable