*man* Hey its almost #biggirlseason …..The only time big girls can find a man cause the bed gets cold in January and heating is too expensive

*man* The sun goin down…the wind picking up…was gon buy an electric blanket but I’m #outchea choosing…itz #biggirlseason wurr dey @ doe?

*from a woman* why is it #biggirlseason ? because they’re fat &. it’s getting cold ? makes slot of sense


#biggirlseason sept- march…they’ll cook and keep ya ass warm

*by a fat girl* #biggirlseason woo! I’m finally in season.

*from another woman* #biggirlseason Lift with your knees not your back if your trying to bang her big ass against the wall. #safetyfirst

I went in on a trending topic on twitter called #biggirlseason. And the tweets that people were tweeting pissed me the fuck off!!! Men were saying oh its time for the big girls to come out, oh big girls warm our beds, oh big girls give us winter pussy because they are so big and comfortable and easy to use. Naturally I went on a tirade and I thought I might as well talk about it on my blog.

So apparently there is a time and a place for a fat woman, and that time is winter, the place? In some man’s bed to tease his dick and warm him up until the weather passes…..what about the other seasons? Oh big girls dont exist to “real” men during any other season. So apparently being fat makes you a low grade type of woman. First off we get shit as women, forget about fatness for a minute, we get told that our accomplishments and our talents and our skill means NOTHING if it is not accompanied by an idealized standard of beauty that is pretty impossible to meet. Being thin is only half the battle and if your not thin? You are scratched off the list of respectable fraternization almost entirely. By respectable fraternization I mean, being asked out on dates to public places, rather than being TOLD to come over at 3am by a man you hardly know. Being spoken to with respect and dignity by strangers or acquaintances, not being dismissed immediately as irrelevant based solely on the fact that you are fat. And most of all not being publicly shamed or ridiculed for being fat by other humans. Most people don’t know this or they choose not to think about it, but big girls get objectified more then thin ones do. Why? Because it has become socially acceptable to treat big girls like objects, like whores. Society has decided that a fat girl has no self respect, that something is wrong with her simply because she is fat, that she has no value , nothing to contribute except to be useful to men……if she is lucky enough to meet a man that will fuck her (not date her, cuff her, love her or marry her, but FUCK HER)  WE live in a society where a woman is judged by how she looks, before she is judged on what she does, or says, people make dehumanizing generalizations about fat girls and justify it by questioning the morality of being fat. So you get these men who take full advantage of this and feed the fires of the fat girls low self esteem, the lower the self esteem the easier it is to keep her subservient. Its easier to keep a woman who feels she has nothing to offer or is ashamed of how she looks, subservient, especially if society told her that to begin with, and keeps telling her that. I’m sure this is not news to anyone reading my blog but the problem is this: saying that a woman with extra fat on her body is somehow different or less valuable than a woman without is all constructed. Constructed by whom? Men. Men who treat women like trophies and objects, those who take women as a status symbol, the prettier, the thinner, the more attractive, the higher the status of the man. They have created what is beautiful and called it objective, and the world has followed suit, leaving women who do not qualify to the wolves.

Big girl season goes to the root of patriarchy. It tells big girls when they are allowed to be women, and it tells thin girls that being fat is the worst thing you could be if you intend to find and keep a man. It looks to guide the behavior of the women already deemed “attractive” by dehumanizing and outright hurting the women they have deemed unattractive. It is supposed to be funny but in reality it is heart wrenching. You have these men telling fat women that their valuable once a year during the winter and only because they serve a purpose, these men are saying “hey fatty, you have permission to leave the cave and come into the house for a little while, i need your services” ……And it is literally that way. How often do you see pictures of fat people on the internet? On twitter alone being bad mouthed or laughed at for being regular? People take pictures of fat girls for wearing bathing suits to the beach (i’ve fallen prey to that one a few times), they take pictures of fat girls for wearing party dresses……..to parties! They take pictures of fat girls doing regular things in public that “regular people” dont want to see them doing. So that to be fat and to enjoy life in public is seen as deviant. We are expected to don our grey and black loosely fitting outfits, not to speak, and to girdle up our rolls, put our heads down and only stay out in public unless absolutely neccesary. So yes..it is like “come out of the cave fatty, i need you” …….What sort of fucked up shit is that? A man that doesn’t respect the humanity in a fat woman, doesn’t respect the humanity in ANY WOMAN. It is harmful to all women when men treat one type like they are nothings.Thin just happens to be the flavor of the day, something that thin women know.

Then you had these thin women retweeting some of the most horrible shit on twitter about big girls….why? Not only because they are catty but because they are disgustingly insecure, insecure to the point where they LIKE to hear other women bad mouthed, objectified and denied their humanity as long as the gun isnt pointed at them. A kind of “better her fat ass then me” mentality that has really put a rift in the relationship between fat girls and thin girls. Thin girls love being on top of the totem pole of attraction even though being on top of other women in the line to trophy hood is pretty obsurd they bad mouth each other and bully each other just to be as close to acceptable to men as possible. Some thinnies like to see big girls shamed because it gives them slivers of social power…….slivers that amount to a whole lot of nothing because they are still WOMEN, and while they might not be objectified as much because they are closer to the ideal norm, they WILL be objectified.

I said all of that to say this, fat women are humans, to treat them like anything else is an injustice……a woman is a woman no matter what she looks like, her size does not determine her worth, attractiveness, or morality and anyone who thinks so is a jim jones koolaid drinking SLAVE